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Welcome to the website of Marjolein, psychologist / therapist at Vitaal Welzijn in Amsterdam Noord. You probably didn’t end up here by coincidence. Maybe you’re dwelling on something or you encounter problems in everyday life. Asking for help can be difficult. We often feel that we have to resolve our problems ourselves or that we shouldn’t complain. We feel things will probably take a turn for the better soon. This can stop us from seeking help with things that trouble us. It’s not exceptional anymore to talk about your worries or difficulties with a psychologist / therapist. The view of an outsider can help you see things from a new perspective.

Psychologist/ therapist to the rescue:

Try this analogy: when a red alarmlight lights up in the dashboard of our car, we often immediately take action to resolve the problem. When we notice there’s an emotional struggle, we let it simmer and hope it spontaneously goes away.

Why shouldn’t we allow ourselves some support to lighten up our struggle?

Marjolein as your psychologist / therapist:

I’m a respectful, empathetic and openminded psychologist, and I am aware of cultural differences. I can help you to create insight in your struggle or to uncover your feelings of emptiness. By facing your feelings, you will find the answers to your questions inside yourself. By recognizing and breaking through behavioral patterns you will quickly notice great differences. I strive to help my clients in a short time, with as little sessions as possible.


Are you struggling with (one of) the following topics?



Feelings of emptiness



Feeling Lonely

Are you struggling with something else or do you want to know more about the therapy? You can contact me or plan an appointment for a free introductory meeting (without obligations), with the button below.

After this first free meeting, I charge € 95, – per therapy session (60 min.).

(When you have a Dutch medical insurance, part of these costs is possibly covered)

When you want to combine the therapy session with a massage, we charge € 125, – for a (60 min.) of therapy session and a (60 min) massage. The treatments don’t have to be planned on the same day.

The prices for massage can be found here.

Please let us know if you want further inquiries on the therapy or massages we offer.

Email: psycholoog@vitaal-welzijn.nl
Whatsapp: 06 – 837 856 44