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Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely is very hard. Scientists have discovered that social exclusion triggers the same brain areas as physical pain. This illustrates the impact of social exclusion on our feelings.

In ancient times, ostracism (exclusion from society) was even used as a capital punishment. Feelings of loneliness cause stress and have a proven negative effect on our health.

Social exclusion

Feeling lonely can be caused by real social exclusion, such as being bullied. In adults it may be more common to feel lonely because someone has trouble finding a life partner or feel they don’t have a sufficient social network. It can be difficult to find people that you connect with and where you can completely be yourself.

Feeling lonely

Even when we are surrounded by a partner, family and friends, we can still feel lonely. When we feel misunderstood or not heard, the lonely feeling can be even stronger than when we are truly alone. Expressing how you feel and people not understanding the gravity of your feelings, can be the loneliest feeling in the world. While the only thing you need may be someone who listens and understands what you’re trying to deal with.

How can I help?

Talking to a psychologist can help. Just expressing yourself to someone that hears and understands you will make you feel less lonely. I can help you reconnect with yourself, so you can start reconnecting with others again. Are you curious what I can do for you? Book a free intake (no obligations) via the button below.