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This is the website of psychologist Amsterdam North at Vital-Welcome. Probably you didn't just end up here. Maybe you have something on your mind or struggle with something in daily life. Asking for help is often difficult. We think we shouldn't nag. Or it feels vulnerable to ask for help. Yet it is not so bad if you let someone think along about things that are difficult. Sometimes you lose track of what is important to you. You can then get stuck and no longer know how to solve it. 

The red lamp effect

When a red light comes on in your car's dashboard you immediately call the garage. When a red light comes on in your head, you often put a proverbial band-aid over it to keep it from being seen and felt.  It is usually possible not to think about it for a while. You seem to notice it less for a while, until it comes back and often just a bit worse than before. Why should you not ask for help at the moment that something in your life is not going well?

Psychologist Amsterdam Noord

I am a respectful and open psychologist, who thinks along with you about what is on your mind. Often I am able to quickly put my finger on the problem, which gives you more insight into your feelings. Together we look at what you are struggling with or what you are up against. I am understanding and empathic, but can also be confrontational when necessary. The starting point is that you learn to recognize why things go the way they do, so you can quickly move on by yourself. Recognizing and breaking through a behavioral pattern can make a big difference in many areas of life. These complaints are usually not isolated. There is much overlap between the complaints and they often occur together. Of course, conversations with a psychologist are always customized. Do you encounter things for which you do not know a solution and are you looking for a skilled psychologist in Amsterdam North? I would love to help you! 

Please contact me for more information or a free introductory meeting (possibly via Zoom or Skype).