Stress is a natural response to extreme conditions. Experiencing stress has for an extended period of time is very unhealthy. In the long run, stress can lead to overwork or burnout. When we have to do a lot of things for ourselves, we can easily overstep our boundaries. Through stress you often get physical complaints, such as neck and shoulder pain, bowel problems or headaches. These kinds of complaints are always inconvenient (when you don't have time for them). Therefore, we tend to take a paracetamol and move on. 

This is how the tension builds

A major indication that someone has been under pressure for too long is when they can no longer relax. Not even in his or her free time. The constant presence of stress gives the body no chance to recover. If the stress continues to build up for too long in a row, it can lead to Burnout. With Burnout, a person is physically and mentally exhausted. Sometimes people really can't stand on their legs anymore from fatigue.

How do you get a burnout?

People who make extremely high demands on themselves and go to extremes are most at risk for burnout. These people sometimes literally keep going until they drop. Once you have Burnout, recovery takes an extremely long time. A person must then rest and relax for a long time. This sounds simple but is, especially for this group of people, an almost impossible task.  The feeling of letting go of control and "not participating anymore" are very nearly unbearable. Some people never get back to their old self after burnout. 

Preventing Burnout

Precisely because recovery is so long and arduous, prevention is a much better alternative. Therefore, it is always important to plan rest and fun things.  This is extra important if you notice that you are not resting or relaxing properly anymore. When tension symptoms develop, rest and relaxation are extra important. 

How I can help

Through conversations we can find out what motivates you. But also what is really important to you.  You learn to look at what you spend your time on and whether it is all worth it. The combination of conversation and massage can make a big difference. During the massage your attention goes to your body, so you experience peace in your head. You come to yourself and you (finally) get a moment of rest in which you can let go of tension.

Do you think you are experiencing more stress than is good for you? Don't wait too long to seek help. Make an appointment below for a free consultation to see how I can help you.