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How I can help with persistent gloominess

Feelings are very much related to thoughts. Therefore, gloominess or depression is often associated with negative thoughts that are not helpful. I can help you to explore the thoughts that cause the gloominess. Once we have "uncovered" the thoughts, we can look together at how you can become more detached from them. In this way, the direct influence of thoughts on feelings diminishes. This lightens your mood and allows you to enjoy things more. 

About gloominess complaints

Gloom is a normal emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. It may have a clearly identifiable cause and usually goes away quickly. When the gloominess lasts longer, it can be very limiting and can be a major drain on the enjoyment of your life. It can become increasingly difficult to get out of it on your own.


For people who have been experiencing gloom or even depression for a long time, it can be very difficult to see anything positive. Life feels heavy and there are fewer and fewer things that are still positive or give energy. In the long run, nothing brings pleasure anymore. This applies to the person themselves, but also to those around them. It can become increasingly difficult to get through to someone. Those close to someone with depression are also more likely to depressief te worden.

Help with gloom or depression

Do you notice that you are experiencing persistent gloominess and are having trouble breaking free from it? I can help you to see light again in the darkness. Telling what is going on to someone who does not judge and is open to how you feel gives relief. Furthermore I take the time to think with you, so you can make the right adjustments in your life to start feeling better again and to lighten your sobriety.