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We all worry from time to time. Especially now that war is in the neighborhood, more and more alarming climate reports are coming out, and many people are suffering from financial problems. We worry about our future and that of our children. How long can we live relatively carefree! When worry turns into fretting it becomes problematic. Your thoughts keep going around in the same circle and you don't get anywhere. Eventually, fretting can begin to dominate your life. 

Obstruction by brooding

You lie awake at night and can't manage to stop brooding. It becomes increasingly difficult to concentrate on other things. You are hindered in several areas of your life. Continuing to worry and not being able to get rid of it causes increasingly serious complaints. The worrying sometimes makes it impossible to do the things that are important to you. This can cause you to develop other symptoms. You can get depressive symptoms from lack of sleep and because it seems impossible to enjoy things. It can become very difficult to function normally. Therefore it is good to seek help for the worrying, before the symptoms worsen. 

How I can help

When you are completely absorbed in your thoughts and fretting it is hard to avoid it. It feels like you are "swimming" in it and you hardly see anything else. This causes a lot of stress and tension, which in turn has a very bad impact on your health. If you succeed in taking more distance and being more mindful with your thoughts, you become much less controlled by worries and fretting. You learn to focus again on what matters, without being held back by worries and "noise". You can use the button below to make an appointment for an introductory meeting in our practice in Amsterdam Noord. Of course a conversation via video call is also possible.