Not feeling well

Do you know the feeling of not feeling good about yourself, for no apparent reason? You are healthy and have everything you could wish for. Yet you seem to be missing something and you don't really feel like doing anything. It feels unfair because you have nothing to complain about and there are plenty of other people who have it much harder than you. Unfortunately, the feeling does not go away and something keeps bothering you. This can seriously hamper your zest for life.


Sometimes we don't know exactly what we really want ourselves and what makes us happy. Many choices you have made in the past out of a certain habit or belief. We often do things out of habit or because we think that others expect it of us. Often this is the reason why we are not feeling well. By doing things on automatic pilot you sometimes lose contact with your own feelings. You can then miss something in your life, while you may not even know what. 


Just not feeling well may not be a bad thing, but it shouldn't last too long. Why not do something about it? You will feel a lot better when you are completely in your power. I can help you to get back in touch with your feelings and to face what is bothering you. You get an eye again for what is important to you, so you can steer your life in a direction that makes you happy. Something as small as picking up a hobby can make all the difference in the world. Are you curious what I can do for you? Click below for a free consultation.