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HSP coach Amsterdam Noord

Are you looking for a good HSP coach in Amsterdam? Then I can probably help you. I'm Marjolein Koeman and from my practice in Amsterdam North I give therapy to HSP's or highly sensitive people. Through ACT, obstacles that you encounter as an HSP become less obstructive. Over-stimulation by various events can often have a long-term effect on your mood. This may even things that you normally like and where you recharge you suddenly too much. Through ACT, you as an HSP quickly pick up the thread. My conversations are partially reimbursed by supplemental care.

HSP coach Amsterdam

Like everyone else, HSPs have our worries and make impressions throughout the day. HSPs process stimuli in a different way stimuli that takes more energy. This can create obstacles when it all becomes too much. Consider:

  • Being in the head a lot and building up tension as a result
  • Excessive mulling about simple things
  • Problems with sense of purpose because you may feel differently
  • Suffer a lot from stress
  • Losing control and being unable to focus on what really matters
  • Social anxiety because you feel different.

These are just a few examples of obstacles you may experience. 
How nice it would be if you could give things that are in your head a place, so that you are no longer so hampered by those thoughts. 

  • Being less in your head through tools I give you
  • be able to distinguish between events (is it mine or someone else's)
  • Reduce stress by looking for stressors and being able to filter them out 
  • Recovering your self-esteem and managing to hold on to it

HSP coach Amsterdam Noord

Who provides these conversations? I am Marjolein Koeman psychologist (Msc) and I offer this service from my practice. Of course it is also possible to get therapy online. My preference is normally a face to face contact, but I am flexible. My practice space is set up so that you are not overly stimulated. I have been trained to help people with complaints that HSP are experiencing.