At vital Wellness, we take a holistic view of people. This means that we see people as a whole, where body and mind are connected. Body and mind influence each other mutually. 

Worry and stress often cause physical symptoms. Conversely, physical complaints can cause a lot of sadness or anxiety. In this way, mental and physical complaints can maintain each other. 
Therefore, we believe that a combination of physical treatment (massage) and conversations is often most effective for many chronic complaints. 

In this way we can discover how the symptoms affect each other and how to break through that.

Therefore, we offer the unique combination of a conversation with me and a massage by professional massage therapist to for €145. 
Both treatments last 60 minutes and will be tailored to your needs and your complaints. These treatments can be scheduled consecutively, but also separately.

Do you like it or would you like more information? 

Email me at: psycholoog@vitaal-welzijn.nl or through the contactformulier
Or call or whatsapp me at: 06 83785644