Feeling of emptiness

Do you ever feel emptiness? Then you are not the only one! Many people lack purpose in their lives. This can bring with it a feeling of emptiness. Sommige mensen denken hier helemaal niet over na en merken vanzelf wat er op hun pad komt. Voor anderen is het juist belangrijk om ergens naartoe te werken. Daarbij moet je soms beslissingen nemen die veel invloed hebben op je toekomst. Het kan dan handig zijn om een idee te hebben van wat je wilt. Een concreet doel of een gevoel van richting kan hierbij nuttig zijn. 

Making sense of emptiness

There are some people who have always known what they would like to be or become and are purposeful about it. For most people, that works differently. Even if you have had a clear goal in the past it does not have to be that way now. Goals can change, a job proves disappointing, living in a certain neighborhood proves unattainable, in short: life intervenes. Of course you change too, so your goal or direction suddenly becomes different. Yet for many people it is important to have a goal in life. Feeling useful and contributing something to society makes us happy. The lack of it can give a feeling of meaninglessness or emptiness.

How I can help with feelings of emptiness

It could also be that you are not at all sure what you would like or what your dream or goal is. Maybe it's hard to determine what you want to do with your life or you're struggling with an important decision. Possibly I can help you with this. Together, through conversations and exercises, we can explore what is important in your life. Based on this we can formulate your values, which are a guideline for setting goals. You will learn what makes you happy and you can walk your own path. Please make an appointment for an introductory talk at the practice in Amsterdam North or for an (image) call that can be held from home.