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Feelings of emptiness

You may recognize feelings of emptiness. Do you know the feeling of not being completely satisfied with yourself or with your life for no apparent reason? Maybe you are healthy and have everything you could wish for. Still, you seem to be missing something and you experience emptiness. It seems unfair because you feel you have nothing to complain about and you tell yourself other people go through much more difficult things. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn’t go away and you are troubled by this glooming feeling.

What makes us happy

It can be difficult sometimes to know what we want and what makes us happy. Many choices in the past we have made based on habits of expectations from others. We also tend to do things habitual or because we don’t know how to do things differently. When we follow our daily routine that can contain many activities that you may not have consciously chose for, we can lose touch with our own feelings. This leads to feelings of unfulfillment and emptiness.

External motivation can lead to emptiness

As stated above, sometimes you do things because others expect you to. Or maybe because you are just trying to fit in with certain others. Choosing your own path can be scary and feel challenging. On the other hand, choosing someone else’s path can lead to feelings of emptiness and that’s clearly not making you happy.

I can help you with feelings of emptiness

I can help you get back in touch with your feelings. You will (re)discover what’s important to you, so you can start doing the things makes you happy and give you energy and relieve feelings of emptiness. Sometimes small changes can make a big difference. 

Contact me when you ready to find out what you are missing in life