Coaching Amsterdam Noord

Do you ever get stuck? Coaching teaches you to look at a situation in a different way. You get new insights. You see possibilities again, where you first saw problems. In my psychology practice in Amsterdam North you can go for coaching. I pay attention to your specific problem. 
Loopt u wel eens vast? Coaching leert je om op een andere manier naar een situatie te kijken. Je krijgt nieuwe inzichten. Je ziet weer mogelijkheden, waar je eerst problemen zag. In mijn psychologenpraktijk in Amsterdam-Noord kun je terecht voor coaching. Ik besteed aandacht aan jouw specifieke probleem. Partially reimbursed by the health insurance.


There are many types of coaches in a variety of fields and levels of education. A coach who is also a psychologist has a broad scientific education and a great deal of knowledge about the human mind and behavior. Coach psychologists get to the core faster and are often better able to help people. In coaching I use different (conversation) techniques, such as techniques from the:

  • Solution focused psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy 
  • Humanistic approach
  • Motivational Interviewing

Coaching Cards 

Sometimes it is difficult to put into words what is bothering you. That's when using coaching cards can be a useful tool. You choose one or more cards from the deck. By talking about what's on the cards you get an easy way to understand things that you probably already knew on a subconscious level. Because you choose an image you don't need words. This way you quickly get to the core, making it clear where the pain point is. 

Difference between coaching and therapy

Coaching is a lighter form of assistance than therapy. People opt for therapy if they have one (or more) clear complaint(s), which makes them very frustrated. The complaint is often the problem, only it is unclear how it could be done differently. Coaching is more suitable when someone gets stuck in a specific situation or at a specific moment in life. For example, when personal development is stagnant. Often it's about a new insight or a small adjustment in a pattern, with which a major effect is achieved. Coaching can be seen as a mental checkup. It is very suitable to discover which unconscious patterns are in your way.

When you are very tense, it is extra powerful to conclude a coaching session with a healing massage, to release the tension. At Vitaal-Welzijn in Amsterdam North we offer the combination of coaching and a massage for 125,-.