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Fear has an important function, such as recognizing dangerous situations. Unfortunately, fear often lingers, even when it no longer has function or the danger itself is long gone. Fear can become anxiety. Very specific, seemingly small things can scare us due to the things we have learned in life. We can develop anxiety without realizing it, until it confronts us.

Avoiding situations

Sometimes we don’t even know why we’re afraid of something. Anxiety can be very hindering. We may withhold ourselves from things we’d like to do, because we’re afraid. We are often very good at rationalizing our fears away so we can trick ourselves into thinking we don’t like certain things or don’t have time for them. In reality we often fear the thing we want the most. Therefor we let ourselves down by ignoring our anxiety and pushing away things we value.

Impact of anxiety on life

Being afraid can be pretty crippling and it can bring down our mood drastically. It can cast a shadow over our lives and bring down our energy. Moreover, when we give in to it, anxiety gets triggered by an increasing number of things. For example, a fear of large crowds can progress to avoiding almost anything involving more than a few people.

How I can help

Our anxiety is triggered often by our beliefs and convictions. For example: the belief that we’re not smart or good enough can lead to feelings of insufficiency which can cause anxiety. Investigating these beliefs in yourself, can help you understand where the fear comes from and put it in perspective. As a result, the anxiety becomes less threatening. I can help you investigate your beliefs and face your fears. You will be less prone to avoidance and be able to live more freely again. Want to learn more? Please contact us or book a free intake via the button below.