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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

I am Marjolein Koeman
ACT therapist & psychologist

Get rid of unpleasant thoughts

What is ACT?

ACT is a relatively new therapy that can help you in a different way to deal with thoughts so you have less trouble. By having conversations and looking together at where these thoughts come from, they can be given a slightly different meaning by ACT so you have less trouble and are less controlled by your thoughts.

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My name is Marjolein Koeman

A few years ago I took a course to learn about and teach this fanatical therapy. Meanwhile I am 5.5 years ACT therapist to the great satisfaction of many clients who have been helped by me using ACT.

As a psychologist, I have the knowledge to properly guide you through the process you are going through.

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Is ACT for you?

ACT can help you get more distance from your thoughts, making them less heavy. Learning that you don't have to get carried away by your thoughts gives space and energy for things that are important to you. This way you will be less bogged down by your own beliefs which are often perceived as very heavy. That can affect your mood until you can't get out of it.    

Through ACT you will increase your psychological flexibility which will boost your self-confidence. Above all, you will feel more freedom through this way of thinking.

What's in your suitcase?

May I help you process thoughts that come up when you think about that suitcase? I can help you with:
- Fears 
- Worrying
- Low self image
- Burnout symptoms

But ACT can also be a solution for other complaints. During a session I guide you all the way so you can be sure that good and trusted help is with you.


My conversations can be partially reimbursed by a number of supplementary health insurances. A consultation of 60 minutes costs € 55, - after deduction of the reimbursement. 

For a consultation you don't need a referral from your family doctor and it also doesn't cost you an excess. 

If you do not have supplementary insurance a consultation of 60 minutes costs € 95, -. 

After 3 series we have an evaluation to discuss progress. This way you can be sure that your financial means are also well spent on your progress. 

CAT Vergoedbaar

I am a member of the professional association CAT. This way you know that you will be helped by an accredited therapist

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Vital Wellness is located on the second floor and can be reached by a wide staircase with a handrail. 
Reachable by phone/Whatsapp on: 06 - 83 78 56 44

Public transportation:
We are a 3-minute walk from the end stop of the north-south line.
5 minutes from Amsterdam Central Station by metro.

Don't keep walking with negative thoughts, there is help for you too.

Marjolein Koeman