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At Psychologist Amsterdam Noord you are helped by an experienced psychologist. You will feel safe and comfortable with Marjolein Koeman.

I am Marjolein Koeman

Let me help you with your struggle

Psycholoog Amsterdam noord | Vitaal Welzijn

Through extensive work experience and my empathy, I have now helped people with:

High Sensitivity
-Stress en BurnouT

I put my clients at ease and give them space to get in touch with their feelings. This creates an open atmosphere, in which we can uncover the core of the problem together. 

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At Psycholoog Amsterdam Noord you will receive the attention you deserve. Together we will unravel the struggles you encounter in your life.

Together we look at what can be done differently and sometimes it just takes a little adjustment.  

A small change of your mindset can make so much difference.

My therapy is easy accessible, I will guide you through the process of change and you are in charge of the pace. 


Psycholoog Amsterdam Noord

Ik help jullie graag om snel negatieve patronen in de communicatie te herkennen en doorbreken. Met behulp van concrete oefeningen en technieken ontstaat snel meer verbinding en begrip voor elkaar. 



Psycholoog Amsterdam noord | Vitaal Welzijn

ACT can help you get more distance from your thoughts, making them less heavy. Learning that you don't have to get carried away by your thoughts gives space and energy for things that are important to you. This way you will be less bogged down by your own beliefs which are often perceived as very heavy. That can affect your mood until you can't get out of it.    

Through ACT you will increase your psychological flexibility which will boost your self-confidence. Above all, you will feel more freedom through this way of thinking.

Psycholoog Amsterdam noord | Vitaal Welzijn

Some benefits



Marjolein werkt samen met geaccrediteerd massagetherapeut Niels Brouwer aan een duurzaam herstel door geest tot rust te brengen en het lichaam te laten ontspannen. Dit allemaal in een praktijk

This form of therapy: the combination of relaxing massage and conversation(s) works deeply and provides the ultimate relaxation.

This combination is partially reimbursed by health insurance

Psychologist Amsterdam Noord

What clients say about us

With Marjolein I immediately felt comfortable having a conversation. She asks the right questions that make you think about your own behavior and she helps you make changes. Step by step.

Very satisfied! After a pleasant introduction to Marjolein (vitaal-welzijn) I started the treatment. During the entire treatment I felt very comfortable, and I also experienced that people listened with attention. During the process I came to many new insights, partly due to good suggestions from Marjolein!

Marjolein has helped me very well through a difficult period in my life: my father passed away just after the birth of my daughter. Thanks to the good sessions with her, most of the puzzle pieces fell into place so that I can continue on my own now. I am very grateful to Marjolein for that!

I offer these forms of therapy

Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Through this therapy you learn to deal with your thoughts in a mindful way. As a result, you are less bothered by your own negative thoughts and beliefs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an active and goal-oriented treatment in which you will learn to recognize unhelpful thoughts, examine your own behavior and thoughts, and modify them.

(also single session)

Are you running into something or would you like someone neutral to think with you? Then a coaching session can help.
With or without the help of coaching cards that directly address your intuition, I think with you.


I would like to help people who suffer from HSP-related complaints by giving them tips on how to prevent and get rid of overstimulation.

Why talk to a psychologist ?

Here are a few more examples

  • Less fretting because you regain a grip on the situation 
  • Thoughts can be bothersome and can affect your mood, talking can help
  • The combination of knowledge and own experience allows me to empathize and to quickly get to the heart of the problem
  • The therapy I offer has a light-hearted approach, allowing you to tackle your problems in a pleasant way
  • Tension and stress, both in the body and mentally can be quickly reduced by conversations
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